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T-Walsh 1NT contracts

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Posted 2020-December-14, 05:19

Playing a simple T-Walsh system where acceptance of the transfer denies 4, we seem to be wrong-siding 1N quite a bit when p has a weak hand.


1 - 1 - 1 (3 or less, typically a weak 1N-type hand) pard with a weak / flattish hand will often have to bid 1N, and then get to play it.

Is there any way around this or just the way things are with a structure like this? Still early days for us with T-Walsh but I've noticed this issue come up quite a few times as it is a common hand type.

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Posted 2020-December-14, 06:55

It is largely the way things are, although I've never really thought of it as a major problem as the points are probably evenly distributed around the table.

After 1-1-1, Phil King suggests using 1 as a puppet to 1NT to allow you to show multiple hand types and this works well depending on your rebid system.

The corollary to this convention is that 1-1-1-1NT shows 4-4 in the majors and is non-forcing. With 4-5 you can use the puppet and follow up with 2 (non-forcing).
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Posted 2020-December-14, 07:50

In my two serious partnerships we accept the transfer to 1M with 2-3 cards in the suit, never with 1.

The wrinkle of using 1S as a puppet to 1N is interesting. We do something different

For us, 1C 1D 1H 1S is natural, showing 4 spades and is non-forcing. It can be weak or up to invitational strength. You might think it strange, but we抳e been able to play in 1S on our 4-4 fit quite often.

We抳e also had the auction 1C 1D 1H 1S 1N 2C P when responder is 4=4=1=4.

As for having responder bid 1N with a weak hand, over 1H, it hasn抰 been much of a problem. Paul抯 comment about the hcp being roughly balanced is accurate. Plus at the one level, right siding isn抰 that important. The opps have lots of values but usually not much shape. They抣l often be on lead several times during the play, so the opening lead situation is not usually as important as it is when they have limited opportunities, as is more common when we hold 25+ hcp and are in 3N.

Also, responder can pass 1H with 5 hearts, since opener is known to hold 2 or 3.
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Posted 2020-December-14, 08:01

A thread about T-Walsh in this forum must be a milestone.

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Posted 2020-December-14, 12:38

I've used the spade/NT inversion (see paulg above) for years and it works brilliantly, right-siding the large majority of hands whether playing in 1NT or 2. Depending of course on your methods, you can then let responder with a 4 card major and longer minor play in 2m, show an invitationial minor, or a GF minor. Remember to use 1 then 2 as a different meaning to 1 then 1 then 2.

Pity you can't transfer to 1NT after showing spades.

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Posted 2020-December-18, 14:04

Yup, we play T-Walsh, too. And, yes, we've noticed wrong-siding 1NT.
But I agree with the posters here: it's mostly just the way it is and it's not that big a deal.
And I definitely love paulg's inversion suggestion. I'll be stealing that! :)
I'll just add one thought. Don't be afraid to take out 1NT to 2 as opener after 1-1/*; 1M-1NT with 5 Cs & 3 M.

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