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Rebid by responder after opponent's overcall

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Posted 2021-January-22, 09:37

You have 3S (xxx), 5H (QJxxx), 3D, 2C. Partner opens 1C, RHO passes, you bid 1H, LHO bids 1S, partner passes, RHO passes. What do you bid if you have 6-9 points? 10-12 points? 13-15 points?

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Posted 2021-January-22, 11:26

3 small is the worst holdings to have.

You also have to note that your partner passed 1S, denying some hand types (one-suited C, 4-cd H raise, etc.). I imagine you play strong NT, as if you were playing weak NT, partner wouldnt have passed.

Does your partner has to X with 3 hearts whatever the rest of his hand (eg a disgusting hand like Qxx Kxx Qxxx KQxx) or only if some little extras (minimum xx Axx Kxx AQJxx or shapier).

With 6-9, it is likely that someone has points, either overcaller, or RHO who did not fit S so could be passing with reasonable assets. Partner with points might have opened 1NT or rebid 2NT, or would have not remained silent. The safest decision with only a 5-cd suit of not so great strength, and likely misfits around, is to pass with your modest collection. Maybe pard has AQTx x Kxx AKxxx and waits your balance X but too bad this time.

With 10+, you have to act and X is the most flexible call, partner being politely asked to show 3-cd support if he has or do sth intelligent otherwise. A CB would be very oriented to a S stop and NT, thereby showing no desire to play H and presumably a 4-cd suit only. Based on partner抯 answer, opps further bidding and your hand (invitational or GF), you will have to assess prospects after.

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